The Conservative Church World — Headed For Its Greatest Tragedy

The purpose for this little (three-part) blog is to try to create heightened awareness of a tragic error being committed by those in the conservative “Evangelical” church world of today…in brushing aside the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24,25/Mark 13/Luke 21).

My hope and prayer is that the reader will begin to understand just how dangerous is this neglect and brushing aside…when they see here the evidence of a very startling emergence of diabolically disguised satanic undercover agents (“false prophets”) in the modern-day conservative church world.

Yes, you read that right. Read it again, if you need to! Then buckle up for a wild ride.


This phenomenon has developed exactly as Jesus foretold in the Olivet Discourse…along with many other hugely critical advisories He puts forth regarding the ‘end times’ in this, His final major teaching session with the disciples before going to the cross two days later.

So I will first offer a brief sampling of the evidence which seems to indicate undercover agents in the church.

Then secondly, I will present a bit of argumentation in support of the Olivet Discourse and some explanation as to why there has been this obscuring of an important Bible passage in the first place! You may be wondering that right now!

And in the final portion of Part One, I will go into more depth regarding some of the evidence and indications of an infiltration of satanic agents.


So, here we have a potential example of an “undercover agent”:

By way of brief description for those who are not familiar, this is a man who has resided in the top circles of conservative Christianity for almost four decades. He also has had a close personal friendship with the Bush family (who are supposedly also “Evangelicals”). He is ‘golf buddies’ with George W., for example, and hangs out at the Bush “compound” in Kennebunkport. He has had a close relationship with Billy Graham and appeared on any number of his television programs over the years.

In other words, Smith is a kind of ‘super-VIP’ in the Evangelical world. Virtually the current leading figure…the ‘senior member’ (as it were) of the contemporary Christian music (CCM) world.

michael-w-smith_cozy-with-bush Smith with President George Bush

He has always presented himself as a gracious, mild-mannered and seemingly charitable individual…and with the lyrics of his songs leaving the initial impression he is a conservative Bible-believer.

I would hasten to add though…like almost all modern day “Christian” singers, his lyrics are extremely shallow, virtually devoid of even a mention of the Lord Jesus (with maybe two or three exceptions among his hundreds of songs), and nothing within a country mile of an actual “Gospel presentation” to be found.

One can find lots of “Christian-ese” and Christian “church lingo” which the church-going crowd might tend to interpret in ‘biblical’ terms. But if you are unchurched and in need of the Gospel message, you wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to find your way to heaven from Smith’s hundreds of songs.

As I said, the same goes for a huge majority of today’s “too-cool-for-school” Christian singers…where lyrics devoid of any direct mention of the Lord Jesus are all the rage.

But now we’re really headed down the proverbial rabbit hole. Hang on to your hat:

Notice below some of the anomalous aspects regarding Smith’s published materials. There is much more information about this man (seen further below in this article) and much more evidence to show regarding dozens (upon dozens) of others in the conservative Evangelical world…who display camouflaged and coded indications of occult allegiances.

Below, you see the album cover for Smith’s 1998 Christmas release. You may already be noting the weirdness of the photo. Weird, indeed. We’ll come back to this in a moment.

michael w smith christmastime


Bear with me for a moment: Twelve years previous to the above album, Smith’s “The Big Picture” album was released (in 1986 – see below). One thing to observe right off the top, among a number of observations yet to come: His name is presented with backwards spelling. Not to jump to any conclusion, nevertheless it should be pointed out that spelling, or talking (and a number of others things) backwards is very significant in occult circles.

mws big picture back cover

msmith backwards spelling closeup

However…what is of primary interest is that two of the letters in his ‘backwards’ name are RUNIC. They are runes. Notice carefully (see below), the ‘t’ in “Smith” and the ‘m’ in “Michael”.

That is not good. The long-dead runic alphabet, in the modern day, has no practical purpose and is related exclusively to occult practices and witchcraft. It is virtually the satanic alphabet. The very word ‘rune’ means ‘secret’.

mwsmith_rune alphabet

Now, you may be saying– Come on. It’s just a coincidence. They used several different “fonts” for their design, and then accidently used a couple of runic letters.

Wait a minute– Take another closer look at this “Christmastime” CD cover (seen again, below) which was released fully 12 years after the aforementioned “Big Picture” album:

You will notice that Smith is again bringing this runic ‘t’ and ‘m’ into play.

He is forming a runic ‘t’ with his body…going so far as to lower his head, to round off the top of the ‘t’…AND is standing on top of this chair which forms a runic ‘m’. That is pretty shocking stuff.

mws runic m highlighted

Ask the question–What in the world is Smith otherwise doing…standing on a chair, striking this weird pose, out in the middle of the snow?

If you are right now hesitating to allow this evidence to sink in, please think this through carefully:

In 1986, Smith comes out with an album which has these two runic letters incorporated into the design. Among all those different fonts you saw there…these were the only two Runes…the Rune of Tyr and the Rune of Mannaz.

12 years later…the same musician and the same two Runes show up on another of Smith’s album covers in 1998. And this time, Smith is going to the dramatic length of posing his own body in the shape of this Rune of Tyr.

To try to claim this is merely a coincidence…is to be in utter denial.

There is therefore, simply no mistaking the fact that on at least two of his CDs, his album art is displaying these runic/Luciferian symbols…and is doing so in a secret, coded fashion. That is extremely and pointedly ominous.

That’s not to mention Smith uses numerous other occult symbols and signals, as you will see further down the page. And some other very serious indications from him regarding occult allegiances. Read on.

By the way, the word “occult” means “hidden” or “secret”. We are seeing here indications of secret and hidden allegiances.

As we go along further in an examination of occultism, you will see that these occultists use symbols and signals as their very ‘language’. Their form of communication.

A bit further down in this article, I present more examples of evidence regarding Michael W. Smith. Keep in mind there are many dozens of such indications from Smith’s published materials.


There are at least hundreds of such indications all across the upper levels and the highest levels…of Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism, the Charismatics and the Pentecostals. Throughout Parts One and Two, I will present a half dozen or more examples.

For a fuller reading on all these issues, I have written a 500 page e-book Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing. The three part series you are now reading is designed to get folks up to speed in a 90-minute sitting!


Before I delve more deeply into the evidence regarding the emergence of undercover agents, let me say a few words in an attempt to awaken the reader to the supreme importance of the Olivet Discourse:

This is a very simple scenario — Peter, James, John and Andrew came to Jesus asking Him about the ‘end times’. This encounter is described in the Olivet Discourse passages of Matthw 24, 25 / Mark 13 / Luke 21.

Long story short – Jesus told them the first specific event they needed to look out for was something called the Abomination of Desolation, an event which occurs deep inside the seven-year “70th Week” of Daniel…at the middle point, in fact.

This would then set off a time of “great tribulation”…after which there would be a momentous “gathering” of the believers:

Matthew 24:15,21,29,30 – “Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation’…then there will be great tribulation…but after the tribulation of those days…they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory”.


What we are seeing in the above scripture passages is an obvious death-blow to the so-called “PreTribulation rapture” doctrine, if you’re familiar.

Why is that? Well…one can safely assume the disciples went out from their hearing of Jesus’ Olivet Discourse believing what Jesus had told them.

And what had Jesus told them? Well again, He told them to look out for this Abomination of Desolation event, followed by a time of “great tribulation”, followed by a supernatural “gathering” of believers.

But if Peter, James and John went out from their hearing of the Olivet Discourse with the understanding they should be looking out for these events which obviously occur well past the beginning of this seven year “70th Week” period…

…and if they therefore believed they needed to live with an expectation of the “Abomination” event and the Great Tribulation…then how can any other believers view it any differently?

How could any Bible Christian be at odds with Peter, James, John and Andrew and in disagreement with them…over their understanding of Jesus’ Olivet Discourse message??

From Jesus’ point-blank statements, they were given the understanding they should look for events that occur PAST the time of an alleged “pre-tribulation” rapture event.

It is utterly inconceivable in the extreme…to think that these disciples believed wrongly (a position which PreTrib doctrine is disastrously forced to take) …and that they entered into the Christian era a few days later…believing false doctrine…and even worse…that they would have begun to teach this supposed “false doctrine”!

And worst of all…that Jesus Himself  therefore had taught false doctrine!

He told these believers to look for…not a mythical pre-“70th Week” rapture event…but rather (and in direct contradiction to PreTrib doctrine)…a mid-“70th Week” event: The Abomination of Desolation

…followed by a time of “great tribulation”, and only then followed by the glorious “Gathering” of the believers at some point during this second half of the 70th Week.


Imagine if you were able to ‘time-travel’ back to the days of Peter’s, James’ or John’s earthly ministry…let’s say 10 or 15 years into the Christian era…and you could ask them: “Say, do you still heed the words of Jesus from the Olivet Discourse?”.

What could we possibly imagine they would say other than…

“Well, of course we still heed His words from that day. Has someone contradicted the words of Jesus since then? And how could it be possible to contradict His teachings?!”

To suggest, as PreTrib doctrine inadvertently does, that these disciples believed and taught false doctrine and that Jesus Himself, in effect, handed false, incorrect beliefs to His followers…

…is the absolute and utter invalidation of “PreTribulation rapture” doctrine.


The Olivet Discourse passage stands as a veritable monument of parting advice and instruction. If you knew, as Jesus did, you only had two days left to live on this earth and were able to gather your loved ones to your death bed (as it were)…what words would you choose? You would address all of the most important issues, would you not?

In His presentation, Jesus put forward dire warnings and critical advisories to believers. Literally an ‘end times’ survivor manual for the end of the world and the arrival of God’s kingdom to earth.

Sadly and tragically, there is in today’s church world, virtually a systematic obscuring of what has to be the most critical passage for ‘end times’ believers (such as we are). Very, very few preachers and teachers want to go anywhere near the Olivet Discourse…because of the confusion that surrounds this passage due to PreTrib’s counter-claims.

If the damage done by PreTribulation Rapture doctrine isn’t bad enough, there are also the advocates of Dominionism who are aggressively dismissive of any and all “rapture” and Bible prophecy issues. Think Rick Warren, as a chief example.


I have found it rather ironic when various pastors and other students of the Bible have admitted to me they scratch their heads in befuddlement over how to understand and interpret the Olivet Discourse…when, in fact, the ‘interpretation technique’ lies before them:

As I stated earlier, we need to interpret the Olivet Discourse exactly as Peter, James, John and Andrew interpreted it. And how else would they have interpreted Jesus’ words…other than with utter straightforwardness? They asked Jesus what to look out for in the ‘end times’. Jesus told them the first specific event they should look for is the Abomination of Desolation, followed by other events.

That’s the end of the road for PreTribulation doctrine. And it is also the end of the road for the dangerous and false presumptions of so-called Dominionism…which has huge throngs of Evangelicals strutting around with a sort of ‘in-your-face’ attitude: “We’re here – we’re Evangelicals – get used to it!”…and thumbing their noses dismissively at any and all Bible prophecy.

And the really diehard Dominionist ‘false teachers’ (like Pat Robertson, Rousas Rushdoony, Gary North and Rick Warren)…are actually envisioning an ‘end game’…where a combination of American military might (Pax Americana) and supposedly an ever increasing and global Evangelical influence …will eventually pave the way for Christ’s return, once God’s kingdom supposedly has been successfully “implemented” on earth. Are these people ever headed for a rude awakening!


The church world today is sitting on the train tracks with the Abomination of Desolation locomotive bearing down at 1000 mph! The single greatest tragedy of the Christian era (in my view) and the single greatest deception the Devil has ever gotten over on the conservative church world.

When the Abomination of Desolation event explodes across the world with snarling ferocity (resulting initially in the widespread destruction of Jerusalem and surrounding areas, along with an unprecedentedly massive holocaust of the Jewish people there) and the Devil’s “masterpiece”, the Antichrist, roars his announcement to the world…

…all those who had believed in a “PreTribulation rapture” and all those under the influence of Dominionism and who therefore chuckle and giggle at the idea of “Bible prophecy”…will be paralyzed in terror.

According to Jesus, the majority will fold. They will capitulate, they will take the “mark of the beast” and they will go on to split the gates of Hell wide open: “The love of most will grow cold, but only the one who endures to the end, he will be saved” – Matthew 24:12,13.

Apparently, there are many, many people populating the church world who will turn out not to have been genuine believers.

And if you look more closely at the passage…“the love of most believers will grow cold and only the one who endures to the end, he will be saved”…it is amazingly tragic to think there will be those who HAD a love for the Lord…but then lost that love…turned from God…and went on to their doom.

Not that anyone “loses” their salvation but again, apparently many many believers today will turn out NOT to have been genuine believers…even though at a previous point they had a “love” for the Lord.


Back to the subject of infiltrating undercover agents: This is electrifying, mind boggling, mind-blowing, paradigm-shifting stuff. Many folks will have difficulty fitting this into their heads.

In fact, if there are any pastors or Christian leaders reading this…it may not really be necessary to unsettle your parishioners and followers with the sordid details we are looking at here. After all, Jesus mentions no names in the Olivet Discourse.

Therefore, I believe the Discourse has been structured so as to be a divinely ingenious way of easing your people into a proper ‘end times’ mindset…without unduly frightening or upsetting them.

But I as a layman in attempting to discuss these matters, don’t have the advantage of a ready-made audience. Thus, I am trying to gain the attention of my readers with these dramatic evidences…which, at your discretion, you may choose to share with carefully (and prayerfully) selected friends, family or fellow leaders:

So yes, from my observation and the observations of many others, there has been an emergence of diabolically disguised satanic “wolves in sheep’s clothing” (or “false prophets” as Jesus refers to them) at the very top levels of leadership in the modern-day conservative Evangelical and Pentecostal/Charismatic church world. In other words, in Bible-preaching, Bible-believing circles.

This is a phenomenon which has been developing particularly since the post-World War II years, throughout the 1950’s, 1960’s and forward to the present day. It has been specifically foretold by Jesus in the Olivet Discourse…in which He forewarns “at that time…many false prophets will arise and deceive many…” (Matthew 24:10-11).


If you think carefully about Jesus’ statement here, you will begin to realize this deceiving role requires a pre-positioning of the undercover agents. In other words, the (false) reputation of the false prophets had to have been previously established.

They will be, of necessity, the top and most popular leaders in the Christian world…otherwise (think about it) they would have no platform…no real voice. These are folks who will have been on the scene and in their positions of leadership and influence for quite some time previous to the hour of the Antichrist’s emergence.

Hasten to add, not every top Christian leader is an undercover agent! But sadly and shockingly, many of them are such, as I believe you will see the evidence indicates. Read on.

THIS is what my blog is about! A number of us have been trying to warn fellow believers about these emerging wolves, and that we need to be preparing ourselves spiritually, according to Jesus’ instruction in Matthew 25.

There seems even to be a suggestion of preparing physically and materially, when Jesus instructs (in some Bible translations) “pray that you may have the strength to escape all these things”Luke 21:36.

Look very carefully over the rest of the evidence regarding Michael W. Smith presented just a bit further below, which seems to give strong indication of occult/Luciferian allegiances.

You will see that I provide five or six more examples in Part Two of this blog. And then keep in mind, there are a hundred and a thousand more scenarios like this.

Thus do grave dangers lie ahead for the church world. An “apostasy plot” is in the offing, literally at this present moment. Satanic counterfeit agents are infiltrating and are already pre-positioned. And again, all of it is described in great detail in the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24, 25 / Mark 13 / Luke 21).

As we go along through this series of three articles, I am going to present specific evidence and indication of these things. Literally, the names, faces, addresses, phone numbers and emails of these suspected individuals are available! Not that I would recommend becoming pen pals with false prophets. The behavior of these folks is brazen, it is out in the open, and in the light of day. They are, as it were, “hiding in plain sight”. Read on.


Sadly and tragically there are very, very few present day believers who take seriously the biblical reality of actual “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. 

The not-very-well-thought-through notion among conservative church-goers is…that there really is no such thing as a high level Christian leader on the scene who is, in actuality, a literal and explicit devotee of Lucifer.

Such does not really exist in the minds of most believers today…even though it IS presented as a reality in the Bible.

Granted, conservative Christians will point out the likes of Benny Hinn, Robert Tilton or Joel Osteen as heretical teachers and money-grubbers. But “wolves” are more than money-grubbers.

Jesus, in the Olivet Discourse, is describing literal satanic agents who are executing the specific strategies of the Antichrist. We need to consider the possibility some of these people are more than just money-grubbers. And…to consider the possibility there are occultists among us.

Occultism, by definition, is all about putting up a façade. The very word “occult” means “hidden” or “secret”. The false Christian leaders (referred to as “false prophets” by Jesus) are not going wear robes and hoods and sacrifice goats onstage in a satanic ritual. It’s a little more subtle than that.

But let me just say emphatically — I am not asking anyone to conclude anything regarding Pat Robertson (seen in the photo below), Michael W. Smith, or anyone else, prematurely. I am only presenting these opening salvos of evidence and indication, and asking the reader to think along.

But yes, as yet another sampling of potential evidence, simply look at the above photo — a Time magazine cover from 1986. Use your observation powers. What is this utterly strange hand positioning? Maybe some will think, on first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much to be concerned about. Think again.

The man is obviously signaling something. But what is he signaling? Ah, but that’s just it. We don’t know what he is indicating. At least not back in 1986 before there was an Internet.

Now, with the advent of the Information Age, that has all changed. There are too many eyewitnesses. Too many ‘voices in the wilderness’. Too many whistleblowers who have been able to uncover all this weird secretiveness.

Some might try to downplay this: “Why and how is this dangerous? How can a mere ‘hand signal’ hurt me or or kill me? Come on!” Of course, a hand signal cannot hurt you or kill you. But the hand signal is indicating a secret community. A secret network, as it were. Use some common sense. Better yet, use some biblically-based common sense:

People who flash secret ‘gang signs’ in the context of the Christian community…are obviously conspiring.  There is a conspiracy ongoing. In point of fact, the Bible refers to the “schemes”, i.e. the conspiracies…of the Devil (2Corinthians 2:11). Jesus has pointed out this grand final conspiracy in the Olivet Discourse…when He foretells of the emergence of secret and concealed Antichrist agents, i.e. the “false prophets”.

Is Pat Robertson a part of this? View a broader sampling of evidence and indications of potential occult allegiances among Christian (or “Christian”, as the case may be) leaders, in order to begin developing your own understanding..

Throughout my three-part series I will try to present information about these occult signals and symbols…information which has been made available by a number of ex-occultist whistleblowers and other occult researchers.

If you continue reading, you are going to see that the evidence for occult allegiances has been “hiding in plain sight” all around you…and all around the world. The Devil has employed astonishing ingenuity.

Readers of my previous e-book will be familiar with some of this information, where I have started off first with this Pat Robertson Time magazine photo…followed by an in-depth look at Michael W. Smith. And immediately followed by a number of other examples throughout this three-part series.

Again, I do NOT ask the reader to jump to conclusions. We may develop theories, working theories, working conclusions…these are all things one may (or may not)  reach a bit further down the trail of evidence. I would argue though…there is evidence. As just one small step on a longer journey…I ask you to observe the above photo.

It is at this point, I have begun to notice two different groups forming: There are the folks who have (in my view) a normal and healthy curiosity about this anomalous occult behavior from a (supposed) Christian luminary…and then there are those who begin to retreat, unfortunately, into an aggressive close-mindedness.

I can certainly attest personally to the fact that it is a very challenging thing to begin assimilating some of this evidence. Most people do not want to leave their familiar comfort zones. They succumb to the temptation to retreat, deny, and run for the nearest Starbucks where they can hunch over a reassuring Café Latte.

Nevertheless, I believe the more thoughtful and discerning reaction to seeing potential evidence of a well-known Christian leader engaging in a secret and obviously coded hand-signaling (which indeed it is, as we shall see shortly)…should be:

“Whoa. Wow. What is that? What in the world is Robertson doing with his hand? I’d like to know more. I want some answers. Please tell me more about this.”

And there are answers. But I want there to be an orderly process of evidence presentation so that the reader can successfully be brought up to speed:

First of all, it should be obvious to those with a biblically inspired common sense…that ANY kind of secret and coded signaling or symbolism going on behind the backs of fellow Christians is 100% inappropriate, to say the least. There should be an immediate and deep concern. Just what IS Robertson signaling? And to WHOM is he signaling?


It certainly isn’t a message sent to his Christian followers. In 1986 when this photo was published, and before the Internet and the so-called “Age of Information”…absolutely no one outside of the occult world would have any idea what this hand positioning indicated. Robertson’s signaling therefore should be viewed by any thoughtful Bible student…as very ominous, very troubling.

Yes, you can certainly entertain the possibility that he was asked to pose in this manner without knowing what he was doing. But that seems a bit of a strained argument: He is experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot for a momentous Time magazine cover…and yet doesn’t have the presence of mind to question the weird ‘clawed hand’ posing? And it only creates a new set of problems: Who was behind prompting Robertson to make this occult pose? And why didn’t the Time magazine editors step in to prevent the bizarre posing?

In any case, the more you (hopefully) begin to see there is this wide network of hidden agents within the conservative church world, the less likely it will seem that Robertson only accidentally posed with this occult hand signaling…and/or would simply agree to position his hand in this strange ‘clawed’ fashion.

And of course, there are other aspects to Robertson that give cause for concern for conservative Christians. Eventually one should wonder if there isn’t something more serious going on than merely his many heretical teachings and practices, and his hundreds of millions in inappropriate and ill-gotten gain as an alleged minister of the Gospel. (His wealth is estimated to be at or near the one billion mark.)

Consider the possibility that he may be more than just a ‘bad teacher’ or money-grubbing TV evangelist.  Might we consider that we may be dealing with a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”?  A fair question, given this blatant Time magazine photo. But read on here, to see a wider context of evidence presented…and see if it doesn’t begin to match up with Jesus’ descriptions of the ‘end times’ church world.


One of the reactions I often get from these aforementioned “comfort zone” dwellers is —  “Oh come on. That one photo proves nothing of your thesis about a systematic infiltration of the church world and of a secret network of undercover occult agents”.

But no one is asking you to jump to a conclusion based on one piece of evidence! What happens is…an element of fear begins to enter in when I am attempting to have these discussions with folks.

Ironically, I have never considered myself particularly brave because of my willingness to scrutinize the church world for these satanic infiltrators (as Jesus in fact instructs us to do in Matthew 24). In fact, it is the opposite: It is because of a spiritual ‘survival instinct’. Jesus warns us of emerging dangers and that we are to look out for these things. To this day, it boggles my mind how folks go into denial and escapism when confronted with the evidence of these dangers.

It is akin to sleeping on the train tracks where there is an oncoming train, and thinking that if you burrow more deeply into your sleeping bag, you’ll be safe.


Please notice in the above Time magazine cover how this occult symbol-flashing activity is “hiding in plain sight”. I have had some folks try to argue– “Well, how secretive can this be, if it’s on the cover of a magazine?”.

But…if one does not understand or know how to recognize and interpret these symbols and signs, it matters not what is being “displayed” on magazine covers, CD covers, book covers, or on the web sites of some of these people. To this day, even with the available information on the Internet, literally 99.9% of the Christian community has no awareness or understanding of what Robertson did in this 1986 photo.

At this point, some readers may be thinking to themselves:

“I’ve watched the man for years–I’ve seen no signs of Satanism lurking around the fringes. He’s just kind of a sappy Charismatic TV preacher with a few weird eccentricities and a little too much money.” I would respond first of all by saying that now you have seen indication of occultism with this individual. He’s displaying this occult gesture known in the occult world as the Lion’s Paw (also known as the Sign of the Fellow Craft).

fellow-craft-sign  PatRobertson LionsPaw

And yes, I realize it is quite startling, as you go along through the evidence, to observe the Jekyll-and-Hyde duplicity of these various “Christian” wolves…who will preach from the Bible on Sunday and participate in occult rituals the next day. The Devil’s ingenuity and ability to fool and deceive has been greatly underestimated by many of us.

By the way, I am FAR from being alone in my observations about these undercover occultists with their secret signals and symbols. Here is another example – Vigilant Citizen. There is a whole host of occult researchers and ex-occultists who have noted Robertson’s occult gesturing…including two of the top Christian ex-Masons in the country.


Keep in mind, I am going to try and explain more about the connection of all these things to the pages of Scripture. But for now, I want to take you down a trail of evidence.

[One more note: Those of you who have already read through all my Smith information in Chapter One of my previous e-book might consider only browsing through these opening portions!]

I am old enough to have observed Smith’s emergence as a popular Christian musician back in the 80’s. I was never particularly fond of his music and now I think I may know why. Perhaps subconsciously I sensed something was ‘off’.

I have previously presented this album cover from 1998:

michael w smith christmastime

And then the album cover from 1986…with the runic letters “t” and “m”:

mws big picture back cover

mwsmith_rune alphabet

And so then, 12 years later, these same runes reappear when they are presented by means of Smith’s conspicuous body positioning and the undercarriage of the chair:

mws runic m highlighted

I fully realize that, at this point, many questions come rushing to mind: How could anyone be so duplicitous? How could someone appear to be so charitable and gracious and yet be a hate-filled, ravenous wolf behind the scenes? Why would someone spend a lifetime living a bizarre double-life? How would one of these double agents originate? Is there a “world headquarters” for false prophets, or something?

If you’re a bookworm, you could plow through my aforementioned 500-page e-book in which I attempt to delve more deeply into all these matters. Some questions will be answered in this shorter blog. The question of how these false prophet/occultists actually originate…is a pretty dark story, from what I have gathered. I get into deeper explanations around Chapter Eight of the e-book. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and not necessarily ‘required reading’, in my opinion.

And yes, the globalist Antichrist movement is highly organized and meticulously planned. More of these questions are covered in the lengthier blog. You will have to decide how deeply you want to delve into these subjects. I have a somewhat narrower focus for this 3-part blog: The Olivet Discourse is of life-and-death importance..


Subsequent to stumbling across this information about Michael W. Smith, I had the opportunity to correspond with an expert on the occult –in particular, Germanic and Norse occultism. She had personal connection to the occult world and had also obtained a degree in anthropology, apparently with an emphasis on occult issues.

After looking over Smith’s pose on the cover of his “Christmastime” CD, not only did she immediately and routinely recognize Smith’s conspicuous posing as a rune presentation, she was also able to provide interpretations for these particular runes.

I was stunned. I thought I would go an entire lifetime without knowing what this secret runic message was. I later discovered their meaning was readily available on the trusty old Internet…if I had only known where to look for it. Here were her comments and an analysis of the Smith “Christmastime” CD cover–things which I have since confirmed from other sources:

“In this pose, Smith is making the sign of Tyr – the Sky God, who, according to Norse mythology, sacrificed his hand to the Fenris Wolf in order to save others. It is also a warrior symbol of great courage, and of overcoming death. He is standing on an M, which is the rune for Mankind. I don’t see that as sinister but make of it what you will.”

I wrote back the following comments:

“Now, when you say his choice of runes signifies the ‘sky god’ and that this god is being placed above ‘mankind’…that is very significant to me as a student of the Bible. The Scriptures refer to Lucifer as “the prince and power of the air”.

Furthermore, the Bible indicates that for the time being, all of the world is virtually under Lucifer’s dominion (although not complete control). It seems to me, a Luciferian would be very interested in depicting Lucifer as reigning supreme over mankind.  I can tell you that for Smith to seemingly indicate such a message…is spectacularly and utterly in opposition to his purported ‘conservative Christian’ philosophy.

And once again, given what I have observed in his kindly, charitable outward demeanor…it’s indicative to me of an ominous ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ thing, going on. Thanks for your insights.”

In the occult world, not only is Tyr known as a “sky god”…the Egyptian god “Ra” is also known as a ‘sky god’. From the Biblical perspective we know that Satan has come by a number of aliases. It seems a pretty fair surmising that in referencing the “sky god”, Ra and Tyr are therefore likely aliases for the Devil himself.

Of course, if Tyr were only a henchman to Satan…a mere ‘also-ran’ in the pantheon of pagan/demonic gods…would that make it any better? I should think not.


Then there is the fact that early in Smith’s career, he gave an interview (Inside Music magazine, Jan/Feb 1991 issue – page 23) in which he very strangely expressed enthusiastic admiration for a rock band called the Alan Parsons Project, a group with blatant Luciferian allegiances. Smith went so far as to name his first album “The Michael Smith Project“.

Below, the cover of the Alan Parsons Project album “EYE IN THE SKY” which has a depiction of the Egyptian/Satanic “Eye of Ra”:

app eye in the sky cover

And yet another (self-explanatory) album cover:

APP Lucifer

Below: Smith’s first album – the “Michael W. Smith Project”


Smith, in like manner to Alan Parsons Project, published another album cover later on (1988) where it seems very clear that he is also indicating this Eye of Horus/Ra. In order to better understand this, we need to first take a closer look at the Eye of Ra or “all-seeing eye” occult symbol. In the modern era, the Eye has been adopted as a luciferian/Masonic symbol and is used by a huge array of occultists and occult groups.

Probably the most famous depiction of the “all-seeing eye” is on the U.S. One Dollar bill, where we see this eye placed inside of a triangle (which is yet another occult symbol). But the Eye of Horus is also cropping up in many other places these days.

Below are some examples of the luciferian Eye of Horus symbol: Top to bottom– the Dollar bill; the classic Egyptian “Eye of Ra”; a movie poster for “Aeon Flux”; and pop star Madonna.

all-seeing eye

It is amazing and disappointing how many Bible Christians there are who will breezily and absentmindedly declare this is simply the “eye of God”. Come on, people! It doesn’t take two minutes of research to confirm this is a thousands-year-old occult/satanic symbol. The eye/triangle is one the most iconic occult symbols there are. And on the Dollar bill it is seen hovering over an Egyptian pyramid. What does the Lord Jesus have to do with Egyptian pyramids? The imagery is signifying an endorsement of the ancient mystery religions of Egypt…which were thoroughly and explicitly satanic.

The hovering “eye” is symbolically depicting the longed-for and highly anticipated (by Luciferians) coming of a satanic New World Order. And of course, stated directly below the pyramid is “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM” i.e “new world order”. This has not been a reference to American government, and various globalists over the years have made that quite clear.

From the biblical perspective, it is a reference to the long-prophesied Antichrist regime. The Antichrist’s ‘heyday’…and which will last only a relatively short 2 to 3 (very brutal) years (if you’ve studied your Bible carefully!).

eye of ra

charlize theron all seeing eye


Continuing our look at this eye/triangle symbolism, ask the question – is the movie “Aeon Flux” trying to give glory and indicate allegiance to the Lord God? Is Madonna trying to give honor to the Lord Jesus? No. They are tipping the hat to the “spirit of this world”. In other words, the Devil.

Most conservative Christians have never realized this but…it becomes quite obvious upon closer examination that there are hundreds if not thousands of corporate logos which utilize occult symbolism. It certainly drives home the point of 1John 5:19 – “the whole world lies under the control of the evil one”.

And there are particularly quite a few of these logos which present modified versions of the “all-seeing eye”…also referred to as the “Eye of Ra” or the “Eye of Horus”. Below are some examples.

Top to bottom: America Online, Time Warner…a bit further down, ICON Entertainment, and LucasArts.

aol eye

Time_Warner_eye of ra

The Time Warner logo is depicting the “Eye of Ra” occult symbol with particular explicitness, by virtue of that line that comes swooping down beneath the ‘eye’ (compare it to the Eye of Ra presentation above).

ICON Entertainment and LucasArts (both shown below) on the other hand, are examples of the eye/triangle combo version of the “all-seeing eye” symbol.

icon logo

lucas arts logo

And these two logos also give you a good idea of the subtle (and one could even say ‘sneaky’) modifications that are often incorporated in an apparent attempt to disguise the symbol. By that I mean…notice with these two logos (ICON and LucasArts) how, in both instances, the “eye” is rather slyly tilting into the corner, to create a rough approximation of a triangle/eye combination.

Also, notice the visual misdirection of the LucasArts logo, whereby the stick figure ‘man’ with the uplifted arms is all that most people will ever notice.

You are going to see a wide variety of modifications with these occult symbols. This sort of thing is considered ‘par for the course’ in the occult world. After all, the very word “occult” means “secret” or “hidden”. It is the objective of any true occultist…to disguise and to hide his occult allegiance (a salute to the powers of darkness) from “regular” folks like you and me.

So now, when we look at this Michael Smith album cover (shown below), it is cause for serious concern. The title of this particular CD is —  I2(EYE). What in the world does that mean?

The album title is enigmatic, at the very least. By all rights, there should be no room in Christianity for enigmas and creepy secretiveness, should there? Secretiveness is the essence of occultism.

mws I2(EYE)

So then, notice in the background, a shaded triangle (behind Smith’s photo), and at the one corner of the triangle (not as easy to see)…there is the title in red letters– I2(EYE) .

Triangle+EYE…get it? Granted, this eye/triangle occult symbol is being presented in a coded fashion…but that, I believe, only makes this more ominous.

By itself, we might brush off this CD cover design as coincidental. But in context…having previously observed the other occult symbolism, this becomes very significant.

And while we’re on the subject of “eyes” which have been depicted tilting subtly into a corner for the purpose of creating an approximated triangle/eye presentation…notice once again, Smith’s 1986 album “The Big Picture”…this time the front side of the album:

michael-smith-big-picture triangle_eye

Notice how one of the child’s eyes has been obscured in the shadows, and how the remaining eye has been positioned into one of the corners of the picture frame!

Absolutely chilling. It should certainly make the hair stand up on the back of one’s neck.

By the way, here is the back side of Smith’s “I2(EYE)” album which is now showing a very obvious pyramid depiction (below):


One question that emerges at this point:


You can certainly press that question to your satisfaction. One thing to keep in mind– if we were to theorize that Michael Smith, Pat Robertson and dozens (and hundreds) like them have not been personally involved in all of this, we’re still looking at evidence of a huge infiltration of satanists into the church world.

Think about it — even if we were to theorize there has been an army of ‘infiltrators’ who have somehow been able to surround these Christian luminaries without their knowledge, this would still be an extremely serious situation.

And then there is the fact that…eventually we find ourselves backed up against the very pages of Scripture. We may not prefer to entertain the possibility of highly placed satanic wolves in the church world but that is exactly what Jesus foretells in the Olivet Discourse, as I will hopefully be able to demonstrate.


Michael Smith has founded a “youth club” in downtown Nashville, about a half hour from where he lives in Franklin, Tennessee. The club, Rocketown, hosts an unending parade of satanic death metal rock bands…who perform songs with explicitly satanic lyrics. Simply put, Rocketown is a veritable horror show from the conservative Christian perspective.

I will let you read more about that in Chapter One of my previous e-book. Just scroll down towards the end of the chapter’s section on Michael W. Smith. Look for the photos of the various Rocketown concert posters.

But I do want to note here that Smith’s Rocketown is also utilizing the occult symbol of Tyr — the runic “T”. See below:

rocketown logo

A friend of mine pointed out the three rather conspicuous prongs of hair worked into Smith’s hair  style in the DVD cover photo seen below. Most likely another Tyr presentation. Rather funny…if the whole thing weren’t so tragic.

MWS forked hair

If you are wondering whether anyone has approached Smith and/or any of his people requesting answers regarding Rocketown or his many occult symbol presentations…such efforts have been made numerous times with no success. I have two such attempts under my belt.

rocketown poster Gore     rocketown poster A Promised Threat

Above are a couple of examples of the posters that are used to advertise horrendous and blatantly satanic concerts that are routinely presented at Rocketown. There’s something about seeing a depiction of a young woman with a chain plunged into her head, a meathook coming out of the front of her face, and a slashed and bloody throat (the “Promised Threat” poster)…that doesn’t make me think about the message of salvation.

By the way, Rocketown is pitched as a “Christian youth center” to local churches when they are asked for financial support. I went to the trouble of calling a Christian music executive in the Nashville area and asked him about any insights he might have into this reprehensible situation. He had some interesting comments:

Long story short — Pastors and other Christian leaders in the local area know not to rock Smith’s boat, according to this gentleman (who even himself seemed somewhat nervous about the topic). Michael Smith is a giant in the Nashville music industry. You do NOT want to cross Smith, no matter how mild-mannered he may seem to be outwardly. Even when there were a handful of news articles and a news report on the local TV news…not a peep came forth from Christian leadership in the area. Such are the times we live in, in the Evangelical world.

In the next section, Part 2, I want to take a closer look at…speaker and author Kay Arthur…Christian pop singer Toby Mac…’super-pastors’ Greg Laurie and Joel Osteen…as well as a number of others who, while they may not be actual wolves, are nevertheless (shall we say) heavily duped.

Keep in mind, there are virtually innumerable examples. I am only providing a sampling…before getting into a closer look at the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24, 25 / Mark 13 / Luke 21).


email: matttwofour@yahoo.com

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Part Two: Further Indications of Occult Allegiance Among Top Christian Leaders


Or Should It Read “Christian” Leaders In The Above Titling?


Kay Arthur Heal My Hurts

Greg Laurie Tyr Bible

Having now read through Part One, can you spot the potential occult signals/symbols in the above three photos?

At the top (and seen again just below), TobyMac (the most popular musician on the Christian scene at the moment) appears to be replicating the runing activity of his long-time friend, Michael W. Smith.  Notice the same body positioning in order to create the “Tyr” rune — head lowered and arms spread.


If you’re thinking we need more corroboration before we begin theorizing regarding TobyMac’s connection to occultism…just turn the CD over to the front side. In the above photo, you are looking at the reverse side of his recent Eye On It CD. If you look at the front of the CD (seen below) — there it is: Another huge satanic symbol. The aforementioned “all seeing eye”.

Toby Mac__Eye On It

Mac is seemingly enthralled with “one eye” presentations. He has posed for numerous photos where only one of his eyes can be seen. Many more than I will show in this article. Here are a few:

tobyMac-DISNEY-one_eye 1

toby mac one eye2

Two photos above: Here effort has been made in two separate photos to carefully cover one eye. There is also occult significance to the fact that he is posing with the Disney castle in the background. More on that later in my FAQ section.

toby mac__one eye

And above, yet a third pose. And in this photo it looks very much like they even went to the trouble of “photoshopping”, darkening the shadows over the right eye in order to create the ‘one-eye’ presentation.

Notice below how one eye has once again been obscured in shadows:

tobymac_lions paw_one eye

In the context created here with Mac’s Tyr posing and the “one eye” symbolism…I would strongly suspect his above hand positioning is yet another “Lion’s Paw” Masonic occult salute like that of Pat Robertson. There is the additional corroborating aspect of the black and white tiling on his shirt…another major indication of Freemason-style occultism.  Discerning occult behavior is all about…context. If it weren’t for the previous indications, I wouldn’t be theorizing about the black and white symbolism. In a moment, you will be seeing more masonic symbolism in Kay Arthur’s materials.

Below: Apparently the same photo session as the above photo, but even though it’s a different pose…that one eye is still obscured, seemingly creating yet another “one eye” presentation. And again, if the hand position in the previous photo were merely random, why is that hand position reoccurring in this photo? Any suggestion that TobyMac simply likes to go around pledging allegiance to the US flag all day long…is dubious. You have to carefully ‘read between the lines’ and carefully discern…when identifying potential wolves.

tobymac_lions paw_one eye3 masonic shirt

Photo below – a Masonic hall. Freemasonry’s symbolic black-and-white tiling. Virtually all Masonic halls have this black and white tiling and utilize this symbolism…which is a reference to the occult concept depicted in the Magical Head of Zohar. The famous Zohar painting symbolically portrays the Jekyll-and-Hyde “split personality” practices of high level satanists. Occult practitioners will often present themselves as ‘prim and proper’ to the public…but behind the scenes will descend into a horrific world of satanic evil and depravity.

masonic floor


In case you’re thinking I am alone in my observations about TobyMac’s suspected occult allegiances, you might be interested to know there was a huge furor which erupted on TobyMac’s own Facebook page when he first published the “Eye On It” cover art for his CD that was about to be released.

Out of the 700 or so comments that were posted, a full 10% of those were expressing concerns and outright alarm over the satanic symbolism. So…I am far from being alone in my suspicions and/or concerns about TobyMac’s potential occultism.

Interestingly, it is these Millennials who are more on the ball than many older folks in the church. Younger people have been getting on YouTube and watching many of the homespun reports about suspected undercover occultism, particularly going on in the music world.

Anyway, eventually TobyMac felt compelled to chime in with a few comments of his own…and made the excuse that the “eye” was meant to signify he is focusing his eye “on the goal of keeping the faith”.

Really? Then why did he utilize the same “all seeing eye” symbolism 20 years earlier when he was with the group “DC Talk”? What was his excuse then for displaying satanic symbolism?

DC Talk_all_seeing_eye

By the way, that Tyr pose on the back of his “Eye On It” CD was originally intended for the front of the CD. Notice (in the photo below) the disclaimer “NOT FINAL COVER” on this early version of the CD. Someone (TobyMac himself?) may have decided the occult indication wasn’t blatant enough to be the front cover.

Also, carefully observe in this photo how his one eye is once again obscured in darkness, with the remaining eye creating yet another “all-seeing-eye” satanic symbol presentation in addition to the Tyr rune pose:

toby mac eye-on-it-toby back cover


Some years ago, I was standing in a large book store holding a Kay Arthur book “Lord Heal My Hurts” in my hand and looking at the cover (shown below) when all of a sudden I noticed something that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.
There was a particular reason I was even at this bookstore looking for Kay Arthur material. I’ll get to that in a minute.

As I looked closely at the ‘running man’ depicted on the cover, I scoured the artwork for any signs of hidden symbolism. And then I noticed something:

Kay Arthur Heal My Hurts

Staring back at me was this gigantic “Eye of Ra” or “All-seeing Eye” formed by the head of the running man (which becomes the pupil of the eye) and his uplifted arms, combined with the curvature of the top part of the circle. The effect is completed with a series of triangles (occult symbols in their own right) which create the ‘eyelashes’…and there is even another line drawn in to create an “eyelid” effect.

Here again was this coded equation that we saw with the Smith CD (Eye + triangle = Eye of Horus). The depiction of the Eye on Arthur’s book cover occurs twice– once as a backdrop to the title lettering, and again in the foreground, in multi-color. It is clear to me, there is intentional visual misdirection going on here, by means of the ‘running man’ depiction.

This is deceptive, secretive, camouflaged Luciferian symbolism. Nothing short of it.

So, here was this huge occult symbol smack on the cover of a popular book by noted Evangelical author and teacher Kay Arthur. No matter how often this has happened to me, time and again I am startled and temporarily shaken to see these disguised occult symbols popping up on the published materials of Evangelical luminaries. It’s hard to believe.

And why was I looking for clues specifically with regard to Kay Arthur? A couple months before, I happened to briefly watch a portion of a telecast of Kay Arthur’s program and I had immediately noticed a conspicuous painting hung on the wall of the TV studio, over Ms. Arthur’s right shoulder. If you look carefully at the screen shot of this telecast, I think you are seeing a good example of what I have previously described as– “modified” symbolism.


The arch of the bridge (in the painting), combined with the mirror image of the arch…didn’t look quite right to me. In fact, the mirror image “arch” seems to have been subtly shifted so as to create a rather striking approximation of an eye shape…or so it seemed to me. And arguably (or so I thought) if you would ‘squint’ your eyes a bit…it appeared as though a very fuzzy “iris” had been painted into the “eye” as well.

The fact that this painting was conspicuously positioned over her right shoulder and remained visible during the entirety of the telecast–it switched on my ‘early warning’ lights, so to speak.

Of course, I formed no conclusions at that point. However…having now come across this book cover with the disguised Eye of Ra and the “running man” visual misdirection…and in the overall context of this “hidden symbolism” phenomenon…common sense dictated there be a connecting of the dots.

And it turns out there are many other disguised and/or coded symbols in connection with Arthur’s published materials. Notice the book cover below “Israel, My Beloved”–yet another Arthur publication. Keeping in mind, the idea of ‘disguised’, ‘camouflaged’ and/or ‘modified’ occult symbolism…the front cover of this book seems to have another of these disguised eye/triangle things going on. Notice the one eye peering from the background…framed within triangular shaping.

Kay Arthur__Israel My Beloved

When you see what is otherwise such a skillful and beautiful painting…but where the artist has nevertheless depicted this rather creepy and conspicuously awkward single eye peering out from this book cover…even apart from knowledge of occult symbolism, this seems quite odd and out of sync.

The back cover of this book (below) is even more obvious. Notice the very clearly depicted eye+triangle. (The woman peeking from behind the red-headed woman.)

Kay Arthur Israel My Beloved back cover

Larger Image

Another thing I noticed about Arthur…and this is something you may not understand unless and until you do more background reading on Freemasonry’s occult essence (read through any number of chapters in my previous e-book – chapters 1,2,11,16 — take your pick)…is that Arthur incorporates Masonic occult symbolism. As did Pat Robertson with his Lion’s paw. As does TobyMac with his Lion’s Paw and the black and white tiling.

Of course, the “all-seeing eye” is one of Freemasonry’s central symbols. It should be noted, every single symbol or signal coming out of Freemasonry…is directly lifted from occultism…kabbalistic Satanism, to be exact. Kay Arthur’s official logo incorporates a plumb-bob and this is one of the classic Masonic symbols.

Kay Arthur logo

Granted, without other ‘dots’ to connect, the observation about this supposed ‘Masonic’ plumb-bob might have been construed as a bit weak.

And then some time later I noticed yet another Masonic occult indicator on another of Arthur’s books. On her “Lord, I Want To Know You” book cover (shown below). The cover design utilizes the Masonic “ladder leaning on thin air” concept–the ladder supposedly is to be climbed towards “enlightenment” (if you are familiar with Masonic and luciferian doctrines). Again, startling stuff.

This seems to be yet more evidence from Arthur…of bizarre and covert allegiances. Or at the least…these indications are coming from sinister figures who have surrounded Arthur and/or work in close proximity to her.

Below, the “Lord, I Want To Know You” book cover. Below that, a Masonic painting:

Kay Arthur masonic ladder

Masonic painting for comparison:

masonic ladder leaning on thin air

At one point, someone suggested to me that Arthur’s book cover might merely be a depiction of “Jacob’s Ladder” from the Bible. But 1) in that Bible story, the ladder has absolutely nothing to do with gaining ‘enlightenment’ and/or ‘getting to know the Lord better’. It was just a ladder…used by the angels for climbing down from heaven.

2) In Jacob’s dream, he never climbed on the ladder! Not to mention, the guy on the ladder on Arthur’s book cover is wearing more modern clothing which he seems to have purchased at the Gap…and not the flowing robes one would imagine from biblical times! 3) Arthur’s book cover is rather obviously replicating the art work of this famous Masonic painting. And 4) we have a huge context of occult symbol display on numerous Arthur’s other published materials. (Read through Chapter Two of my previous e-book for more information.)


I had raised this question in the previous chapter and given a partial answer. Some added thoughts here:

There are a number of reasons this “not-personally-involved” theory doesn’t hold up too well. One of the factors to consider is that in researching the occult world, it becomes apparent that it is very much a point of pride among occultists that they undergo a flag-flying self-identification…veiled and/or coded though it might be.

An intrinsic part of occultism is the display of coded symbols. Secret symbols are the very language of occultists. Read the short opening paragraph at this LINK.

Occultists apparently take pride in how they can pull the wool over the eyes of those in the church world. And one gets the distinct impression, it is almost as though they are vying as to who can be the most daring…or the most creative in sending these messages of allegiance to their dark lord and master, Lucifer.

Therefore, as you go along in this research of the occult world you begin to realize there is little likelihood the occultists would want to misidentify someone as a faithful Luciferian who was not such (as a prank, or whatever)…and thus cause confusion and a weakening and devaluing of their whole “self-identification” culture.

Besides that – if only fellow occultists (with a very few exceptions) are recognizing the significance of the symbolism…(think about it)…where is there any purpose in mis-identifying or mis-labeling someone who is a non-Luciferian? It certainly wouldn’t have any damaging effect on the intended victim’s credibility or reputation…simply because the general public isn’t recognizing any of the symbolism in the first place.

Nevertheless we need always to proceed with caution…keeping in mind this kind of research can have a very subjective element to it. And this is really only a very short summary of the situation. You’ll want to continue reading to obtain a wider perspective.

Again, we could just go on and on with these shocking examples of (potential) undercover occultism in the conservative church world…but we’ll just look at another couple of examples quickly before closing out this chapter and moving on to an examination of (what I consider to be) Jesus’ “survivor manual” for the ‘end times’ — the Olivet Discourse.


GregLaurie Harvest America

Notice the potential (or obvious?) “Tyr” symbolism in the above photo from Greg Laurie’s web site.

Some of the excuses I’ve heard from folks who are wanting to dismiss all of this — “oh, I’ve never even heard of this guy or that guy”…”I don’t even listen to Michael W. Smith’s music and I hate TobyMac’s hip-hop nonsense”…etc..

What in the world does that have to do with the price of tea in China (to borrow an old saying)?? Talk about “whistling past the graveyard”! The apathy, the sleepiness, the snoozing, the snoring, the slumbering…going on in the conservative church world these days…is just amazing to me. Very difficult to fathom. I certainly do NOT consider myself “higher” than these many near-comatose believers…but who doesn’t get off the train tracks when they see an oncoming train?!

Even if per chance you haven’t heard of Greg Laurie, he is nevertheless one of the VIPs on the Evangelical scene today. What some would refer to as a “super-pastor”.

You will notice below, his “START!” specialty Bible, supposedly targeting new believers…and with a gigantic “Tyr” rune occult symbol on the cover.

Greg Laurie Tyr Bible

Are there any other hints of occult symbol display from Laurie’s publications? Hints, indeed. See below:

Greg Laurie all-seeing-eye book cover

If you haven’t spotted the gigantic “all-seeing eye” on this Greg Laurie book cover…then allow me to point out there is a gigantic “all-seeing eye” on this Greg Laurie book cover!


I find that sometimes, in the course of presenting this kind of evidence, someone’s button is pushed. Someone who may be, for example, a big Greg Laurie fan. The resistance to the evidence really kicks in! At one point I was presenting the Greg Laurie evidence to someone when they began to dig in their heels. This person didn’t care if there were these occult symbols on Laurie’s publications because, as he argued, all that mattered was whether “his teaching is solid”.

But…if he is warning no one of the upcoming “Abomination of Desolation”, leaving his followers in grave danger…and if he supports and teaches a “PreTrib” doctrinal position (which he does) which leaves his followers unguarded and unprepared for the outbreak of “great tribulation”…and if he endorses the entire occult-based Contemplative movement (which he does)…there is therefore plenty to be concerned about regarding Laurie’s “teaching”.

Not that every person who has erroneous Christian teachings is an occultist. Far from it. But we are looking at an array of published materials from certain individuals and noting the instances where there is a display of occult symbolism.

And so, when we see the Tyr occult symbol AND the all-seeing-eye occult symbol on Laurie’s publications…are we to dismiss concerns over such evidence? That is not careful and thoughtful discernment, I would dare say.

By the way – here is the logo for Greg Laurie’s church, Harvest Fellowship. Notice the potential eye/triangle occult design. Again, by itself, it might be a weak theory. In CONTEXT, my suspicion is through the roof. I would theorize the design is intentional.

Greg Laurie's church Harvest Fellowship logo

Facebook link

Below — yet another “Tyr” occult symbol on the cover of another of his books “Discipleship: The Road Less Taken”:

greglaurie Discipleship-The Road Less Taken

Below — a Greg Laurie book entitled “Start To Follow”.  At this point, is further explanation required?

Greg Laurie book Start To Follow

Below: Another Greg Laurie book –“Run To Win”. Notice how the cover design goes to the trouble of color highlighting the “Tyr” portion of what would otherwise be seen simply as very long ‘arrows’:

Greg Laurie book Run To Win

Below: Greg Laurie’s “How To Find God-New Testament”. In the context of all the previous indications with Laurie, I would strongly theorize there is an intentional “eye” presentation going on here…by ingenious use of the water rippling shape.

Greg Laurie How To Find God-New Testament

Below: Another Laurie book with the “Tyr” occult symbol on the cover. Harvest.org is Laurie’s web site. Harvest Christian Fellowship is the name of his church.

greg laurie unashamed

There are numerous other occult symbols and indicators on his book covers and web sites…involving symbols and signals we haven’t yet covered. Maybe at a later time. There should be enough evidence here in connection with Greg Laurie to give any serious believer huge pause.


Who among careful Bible students doesn’t see through the false teachings of Joel Osteen’s “prosperity gospel” doctrine? And all his other false doctrines? Take a look at his personal logo. Can you spot the disguised symbolism of a satanic “all-seeing eye”? The “o” in “Joel” surrounded by the two crescents creates a rather unmistakable “eye” presentation (with crescents by themselves also being occult symbols, by the way).

Joel Osteen logo__eye with three 6s

Not to mention…the apparent “eye” presentation right inside the auditorium of his church (seen below)…which seems to be accomplished by the center stage ‘arch’ and the globe seemingly providing the ‘iris’ for the eye. This actually is a rather over-used technique. “American Idol” stage designs have repeatedly utilized this approach.

Joel Osteen church

joel osteen church eye

So apparently…this guy isn’t just a ‘bad preacher’ with heretical doctrines. No, he seems to be giving indication of being an out-and-out wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Just how many Christian luminaries must bring this symbolic “eye” thing into play before some folks begin to concede this isn’t a mere coincidence? Time to wake up!

And by the way, after you’ve run across the first couple dozen of these Christian luminaries and Christian musicians with their occult symbolism…the idea that there is a worldwide conspiracy of luciferian architectural designers and graphic artists (?) working behind the backs of all these “Christian” celebrities…is a little thin, it seems to me.

Plainly stated–Jesus has prophesied that in the last days a very large number of satanic Christian (“Christian”) leaders would emerge who are extraordinarily deceptive (which is what we will see upon closer examination of the Olivet Discourse). Is this or is this not evidence we are looking at?

As I’ve said to many folks who have been unhappy that I am “picking on” their favorite singer, preacher or teacher…if you don’t like my particular line-up of suspected “false prophets” then just where ARE these wolves of which Jesus foretold?? Have you spotted a single one of them so far?

These luciferian “eye” presentations are found all across the corporate world, the political world and the entertainment world. We could spend days and weeks tracking down hundreds upon hundreds of examples.

Masonic occult practitioners have virtually overrun Washington DC with their stealthy insertion of luciferian symbolism. I’m inclined to think that we Bible believers here in America with our advanced ‘discernment’ ought to have known better and to have spotted these things more quickly. I certainly include myself.

For example, an “obelisk” (seen below) is and always has been…nothing other than an occult symbol. An obscene luciferian phallic presentation. The design of the so-called “Washington Monument” was overseen top to bottom by Freemasons with positions of influence in US government. And Freemasons have, of course, lifted the obelisk concept directly from the satanic religions of ancient Egypt.

Washington_Monument      obelisks__egypt

Eventually, Bible believers in the US need to face the fact that 1John 5:19 applies to all the world…including America: “…the whole world [or “cosmos” in the original language] lies within the control of the evil one”. The Devil is the designer, the architect, the owner and the operator of the entire “cosmos”…literally the “world system”.

Another “all-seeing eye” presentation that most people haven’t noticed: The ceiling of the Rotunda in the Capitol Building in DC. Undercover (Freemason) occultists at work:

capitol_rotunda all seeing eye

By the way, not all Masons are aware of the satanic aspects of Freemasonry. The outer circles of membership are not aware of the evil inner core of elite Masons who literally worship Lucifer, from my information. I get into far more depth in my e-book.

I should also point out – not all occult symbol presentations are being perpetrated by Masonic agents. The Devil’s worldwide occult network is far more complex than that…to make a long story short for the time being.

Below, from the entertainment world — the logo for the Endemol TV production company:


Below: Yet another “eye” presentation from the corporate / big-business world.

taco bell_eye_close_up

Note the rather ‘mean’ look of these two particular designs. The elite occult class has a total disdain, hostility and murderous intent against those who uphold the testimony of Jesus Christ.

John 15:19 states “because you are not of this world and because I have chosen you out of the world, therefore you are hated by the world”.

I also love this statement from Jesus — “in this world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

I’ve seen a few people snicker, in particular, over the Taco Bell logo for some reason. On the one hand, I don’t think Bible students should flippantly view this as a laughing matter. On the other hand, if per chance you are sharing God’s sense of humor…the Bible, indeed, says that “God sits in the heavens and laughs” (Psalms 2)…at the plots and schemes of His enemies.

Notice below, for example, how the occultists within the Taco Bell organization have even gone to the trouble of presenting their “eye” within a triangular pyramid shape…on their various food packagings (note the One Dollar bill eye/triangle for comparison). There is something crazily dubious about luciferian allegiances: Sneaking their secret message onto the paper wrapping for a burrito.

Taco Bell pizza box     eye __one dollar bill

The business and corporate elites of the world revere their dark lord, Lucifer. Any Bible student who has ever read 1John 5:19 should be able to understand this. There are yet other occult indicators seen within this particular logo design…which you can read about here.

Had you ever realized the significance of the CBS logo? (Again, the “Eye of Horus” in a circular presentation.)

cbs logo eye

You’re going to see all kinds of modified symbolism in the occult world. Below: Examples from Disney — movie poster art from “The Incredibles”.


incredibles 2

Also, another children’s movie from Disney–“Monster’s Inc.” with the Eye of Horus symbolism:

Monsters Inc


I was somewhat surprised to observe the prevalence and popularity of “666” symbolism among the occult set. I had thought they would not want to appear so predictable as to seemingly fulfill the prophecies of the Bible regarding the emergence of this “666” number of the beast (Rev. 13:18)…also known as the Antichrist.

But dedicated Luciferians have been indoctrinated with the belief that their god is greater than the “Christian god” (as they refer to it). In their blind arrogance, they apparently say to themselves – who cares what the Bible predicts…its like the 98lb. weakling down at the beach “predicting” he is going to have sand kicked in his face and get beaten up by the muscle-bound bully. And indeed, the Bible predicts that the Devil will have his brief moment in history when his “beast” is “given power to wage war against the saints and to conquer them” (Rev. 13:7).

But the casual dismissiveness of Antichrist cabalists will be interrupted on the day God’s judgments are unleashed. After the Devil and his minions have had their brief moment of false triumph, God will remove his children from earth (via His “gathering of the elect”) and proceed to pour out His wrath:


Isaiah 13:6-8,11 – Howl ye; for the day of the Lord is at hand; it shall come as a destruction from the Almighty. Therefore shall all hands be faint, and every man’s heart shall melt: And they shall be afraid: pangs and sorrows shall take hold of them; they shall be in pain as a woman that travails: they shall be amazed one at another; their faces shall be red as flames.

And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.

And then Joel 3:14-16:

“For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision. The sun and moon grow dark and the stars lose their brightness. The Lord roars from Zion And utters His voice from Jerusalem, And the heavens and the earth tremble.”

Joel 2:15: “The sun will be turned into darkness And the moon into blood before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes.”

And notice how Matthew 24:29-31 beautifully clarifies that God’s people are removed right during the moments of these cosmic signs…and therefore are they removed before this outpouring of His “day of the Lord” wrath:

“But immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken…and He will send forth His angels…and they will gather together His elect from the four winds.”

In the above Olivet Discourse passage, Jesus is actually quoting directly from the aforementioned Joel 3:14-16. So there is no doubt these passages are all referring to the same cosmic signs.

We are removed before the outpouring of God’s wrath upon the wicked…but we are not removed until after absorbing the wrath and hatred of the world and the Devil (for a period of time): “…after the tribulation of those days…He will send forth His angels…and they will gather the elect…”.

Anyway, back to TobyMac’s 666 symbolism. This symbolism is seen all over the occult world and with a wide variety of modifications and creative camouflaging. Actually, some of it isn’t very camouflaged at all! See below –  a TV show, Point Pleasant (2005) with a heavy occult emphasis and rather obvious “666” logo:


Satanic rock band Project Hate from Sweden (a hotbed of satanic heavy metal bands) also uses the “666” logo. I would suspect these guys are literal satanists.

666__Project Hate

If you ever tune in (as I do briefly for research purposes) to the major awards shows in the entertainment and music world…almost invariably you will see satanic occult salutes in the stage designs and various projected images. Below you see Kenny Chesney performing the opening number at the 2014 CMA Awards with the obvious occult symbolism as the backdrop:

kenny chesney cma awards

And below you see the stage design for the VMA music awards (looking down from above) with the “666” symbolism:

666 MTV-VMAs-666

And below, we see TobyMac’s latest CD release with three sixes incorporated into the design. And this coming even after all the controversy over his previous occult symbol depictions! These luciferian minions (if that is what TobyMac actually is) are foolhardy, if nothing else. Give credit where credit is due.

TobyMac EyeM All Mixed Up

Note how the design carefully distinguishes the three 6’s – first, the inner “6” which is the white “6”…then the black “6”…and finally the yellow highlighted “6”. This TobyMac guy…will…not…quit…with the satanic symbolism.

Another example below (thanks to the observation powers of a friend): The particularly blatant incorporation of “666” into the logo of UBS AG (a global financial services company). Notice how each “key” has a “3” in the handle and a “3” incorporated into the design of the teeth. Each key then equals 6. And these three keys therefore seem to be presenting a 6-6-6.

666 UBS logo

Each key could also be considered a representation of “33”, the ultimate Masonic number. Occultists love double- and triple-meanings. The more layers, the more misdirection…all the better.

In regard to this “33” business, notice how Bank of America in stealthy and creepy fashion incorporates this occult number into their logo…by means of those three 11’s (if you look closely). Where do they get the nerve to slip these things under the noses of their own customers?


I’m not going to get into it any more deeply right now but suffice it to say, there is a wide variety of creativity with “666” symbolism. In context…and only because there IS a previously established context of satanic symbolism…would I therefore theorize the three ‘swoops’ coming around the left crescent on Osteen’s logo…are very likely meant to be seen as three 6’s (laid on their side, as it were). As you’ve probably already noticed – occultists can get pretty devious with their symbol designs.

Joel Osteen logo__eye with three 6s

A final parting shot here – another Kay Arthur book cover…which also seems to display three 6’s…albeit, two of them are ‘backwards’. But as I commented in the previous chapter, occultists love to do things backwards, upside down, sideways, etc. Therefore, notice the multi-color painting in the forefront of this book cover design. There are three 6’s to be seen floating in the depicted “stream”.

Kay Arthur__three__6s

Larger Image

NEXT UP: What does all this mean? What does the Bible have to say about this spectacular emergence of cleverly cloaked wolves? What are they trying to accomplish? How should we pray? What should our response be? Our spiritual plan of action?


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