FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions


QUESTION: Some of these teachers and preachers you talk about…seem to put out an awful lot of good teaching. Kay Arthur, for example…all of her books and Bible study guides. That is a LOT of good stuff. So, even with the symbolism you are pointing out, it is still a little hard for me to understand your concerns.

Well, wait a minute. Are you failing to notice her complete and total silence regarding the warnings of Jesus in the Olivet Discourse…regarding the oncoming “abomination of desolation” and the emergence of satanic infiltrators in the church world?

Across an entire array of conservative church leadership…not a sound and not a peep of warning. Whether these are merely misinformed, or dupes who are unwittingly cooperating with this upcoming ‘surprise attack’ plot, or whether they are out-and-out wolves…there is not a single top-level leader in the conservative church world who is passing along the warnings regarding this apostasy deception plot from the Olivet Discourse passages.

How good of a shepherd or teacher are you, if you are watching your flock marching straight into the jaws of an apostasy deception plot…and you are providing not one word of warning?

And then in Kay Arthur’s case, with all the satanic symbol display, it becomes a question of whether she is not just failing to warn and failing to teach on the Olivet Discourse…but whether she is, in fact, one of the actual perpetrators.

Realize this: Wolves can “preach” the Bible all day long, as long as they can throw in all their subtle twists and omissions.

Ask the question: Who among the top-tier leaders is proclaiming —  “Prepare ye the way of the Lord!”…”The return of the King is at hand!” ?

Who among the top-tier Christian leaders is earnestly warning and admonishing the flock from the pages of Matthew 25 (in the second half of the Olivet Discourse)…where Jesus says we are to prepare for the “darkness” which precedes His return? We are to fill our lamps with oil in order to light the way through this time of darkness.

Which of these leaders is shouting warnings from the rooftops regarding this dramatic infiltration of satanic wolves over the last many decades?

And if I’m wrong and there IS in fact a prominent pastor out there somewhere who is warning and preparing his flock for the return of the King and the time of darkness (“the great tribulation”) which precedes it…let me know! I have seen quite a number of rank-and-file believers and a few local pastors who hold to these things and are passing along the warnings…but no one at the higher levels, that I know of. And I have been looking…for a decade.

A true shepherd prepares his flock for the danger. A true shepherd guides his flock away from the danger. Where is that happening in mainstream Evangelicalism today? I would have to conclude these folks are uninformed at best…or have been duped into supporting the plot…or are out-and-out wolves.

People like Kay Arthur are doing nothing to prepare the flock for this oncoming danger. Yes, many of these people seem to delve into the Scriptures. But even there…we often see subtle ‘poison pills’ ingeniously inserted into the teachings. Tim LaHaye is suspected of this kind of thing. Go to Chapter Fourteen of my e-book “Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing” and scroll down to the paragraph heading — “Subliminal” Treachery. It is just shy of halfway down the page. You can use your computer’s “find on this page” edit feature if you need to.

At least among the handful of “post-trib rapture” preachers on the scene today, with John Piper being the chief example…they are putting out the warning of an oncoming “great tribulation”. But none of them (that I know of) has exposed this infiltration phenomenon…nor does someone like Piper seem to have any awareness of the ongoing apostatizing intrigues. He has repeatedly endorsed suspected wolves, apparently without realizing.  In fact, he has complained that Rick Warren is being “slandered”. Really? Rick Warren has had occult practitioners speaking from his pulpit. You can take a look at other indications from Warren…in Chapter Fourteen of my e-book. Scroll down almost 4/5 of the page and look for the paragraph heading RICK WARREN: MAJOR PROPONENT OF “MANTRA-STYLE” WORSHIP.  You can use your “search page” edit feature if needed.

QUESTION: I am having trouble with the idea that not a single top Christian leader has spoken out on these issues nor put out any warning. Why, for example, hasn’t James Dobson (one of my favorite teachers) said anything? How can there not be a single major voice on the Christian scene who is saying anything about this wolf phenomenon?

Apparently, “cults of personality” are not one of God’s favorite things. He is absolutely and utterly unimpressed with the entirety of this grandiose “superstar” system which has developed in the Evangelical mainstream over the last many decades.

For the most part, God’s faithful are found among the small and the weak. The not-so-grand and not-so-great. That’s the way it has always been. That is what you see throughout the Scriptures. If you are looking for good spiritual advice, you probably need to go looking out in the desert (as it were) for guys wearing camel hair coats and eating grasshoppers. If he’s sporting an expensive suit and a $100 haircut, you might want to make a U-turn!

So, in answer to your question– I don’t believe God is inclined to cater to someone’s fixation and/or inappropriate dependency upon ‘prominent and important’ church personalities. Even if someone does not have a ‘fixation’ per se…sometimes there is a very short distance between ‘enjoying’ someone’s teaching and developing an excessive dependency. Proceed with caution. Keep your thinking cap on.

I was attending a church service a few Sundays ago, when the preacher enthusiastically declared Tony Campolo to be one of his favorite authors and speakers. I thought to myself: Has this man ever looked up Campolo’s position on homosexuality…on his comparisons of the Christian and Muslim beliefs? And his advocacy of “Contemplative Prayer” which is nothing other than a thinly veiled Eastern-style occult practice?

Either that pastor has not done his homework…or he doesn’t care and just likes clamoring after ‘popular’ teachers/authors…or the worst scenario – he is deliberately promoting a false teacher.

And then I thought: How few of his listeners that morning have the slightest inkling of Campolo’s heretical teachings? If there was 1 in 100, that would be, sad to say, a high estimate. Such is the sorry state of affairs in conservative church culture.

Here is the thing: God is not going to carefully see to it that all the correct teachings from Scripture can automatically be found by sitting at the feet of the top most popular and ‘officially sanctioned’ Evangelical luminaries.

God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him! (Hebrews 11:6)  He is not a rewarder of those who clamber after the Evangelical ‘superstars’ of the day.

Granted, there is an appropriate degree to which we should seek out gifted teachers. My understanding from Scripture is that we are to avail ourselves of the biblical guidance of those who have a “gift of teaching”. But the balance has long since been lost in today’s church world. We have long since entered the era whereby people having itching ears, heap teachers unto themselves” (2Timothy 4:3).

It verges on a kind of superstition: In the same way some folks won’t put one foot in front of the other until they’ve read their horoscope or consulted their psychic…some Evangelical folks won’t believe anything unless their favorite pastor or teacher has given the ‘thumbs up’. Christianity does not work that way.

Again, God does not think much of the current ‘superstar’ system in the Evangelical world. Notice Gideon, who was the (literally) lowest ranked male in the entire nation of Israel at the time. Notice how Jesus chose the most common and the most lowly…to be His disciples and the leaders of His worldwide Christian movement. Notice how God placed a man out in the wilderness where he ate grasshoppers and yet…was used to announce the arrival of the Messiah. People had to go out into the desert to find this guy and to hear his message about an arriving Savior. In other words, God does NOT cater to popularization techniques.

I certainly don’t want to come across as a ‘curmudgeon’ with sour grapes (which, I would argue, I am not!)…and I know it can be a quite upsetting experience to realize your favorite “super-shepherds” may not be shepherding you very well nor guiding you to safety but…if you want to find God and you want to find the truth…99.99% of the time, it won’t be found on the “Christian bestsellers” bookshelf up at the front of your local Christian bookstore.

The Evangelical world has long since gone ‘worldly’ in my view. Sad to say, at the top levels there exists a huge “gravy train” of privilege and massive personal enrichment. It is now just another extension of the world system.

All the “Christian” music companies and publishing companies, for example, are now part of larger secular-owned conglomerates. Whether Christianity Today magazine, Sparrow Records, Zondervan Publishing…the list goes on. Looking at the bigger picture…ultimately, these secular-controlled (occult-controlled) outfits are not going to allow to rise to prominence, voices or messages which are at cross-purposes with the “spirit of this world”, i.e. the Devil.

QUESTION: I have a long list of names of popular, well-known individuals…and I would be very interested in whether you think they are actual satanic agents…Charles Stanley, James Dobson, Chuck Swindoll, Rob Bell…the list goes on.

I get these kinds of emails all the time. If I happen to have seen some specific  information, I try to pass it along. But here’s the thing to remember: Whether someone has been merely mislead (duped, fooled, etc.) into promoting PreTribulation Rapture doctrine…or whether they promote it with devious and diabolical motives…the effect is the same. The danger factor is the same. So…pinning down with 100% certainty whether so-and-so is literally satanic or merely duped…is really beside the point. Yes, it is fascinating (in a horrific kind of way) when one runs into potential evidence of an undercover wolf …but we don’t NEED to confirm that status, for practical purposes.

The same goes for all those teachers and preachers today who have completely de-emphasized Bible prophecy altogether. (Such as Rick Warren, Joel Osteen…there’s a long list). Along with the many millions who have bought into PreTrib and are going to be blindsided by the emergence of the Antichrist, there are many more millions who have adopted this glib attitude that Bible prophecy is of “no real practical use”…and they are thus going to be just as blindsided when the “abomination of desolation” explodes onto the world scene. Whether they were so persuaded by wolves or by dupes…will make no practical difference in the final analysis.

As far as the names you mention — I have seen no specific “wolf” evidence regarding Charles Stanley, James Dobson, Charles Swindoll or Rob Bell. I would say Rob Bell certainly appears to have gone into apostasy with his major doctrinal switch and resulting promotion of Universalism (the doctrine which states no one is lost and all are saved)…but haven’t seen any signs of occultism.

Swindoll was a shocker for me…when, in recent years, he has come out enthusiastically in support of Contemplative Prayer…which is nothing but a thinly veiled occult practice. I think (or want to believe) this is simply confusion and mere error on his part. I have seen no signs of occult allegiance from Stanley or Dobson.

QUESTION: Where do some of these people come from? How do they come about? How does one decide to become a “wolf” as a career choice? What exactly is the story behind this wolf infiltration phenomenon?

That is a huge question which requires a very long and involved answer. In fact, I would forewarn — it may not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ to delve deeply into these matters. The story is quite horrific, to be frank. The descriptions of the way in which one of these split-personality ‘Jekyll-and-Hyde’ individuals is brought into operation…is not for the faint of heart. Preliminarily I would say — these people are highly networked, for one thing. They are part of a wider network which extends far, far beyond just the conservative church world. In fact, they are part of a globe-spanning network…as any careful Bible student should intuitively realize:

The Devil is seeking to establish a human-driven totalitarian world regime. The Antichrist regime. So…if you really want to understand where these wolves/”false prophets” are coming from, you have to understand the bigger picture. In fact, I would say you need to understand geopolitics. The Devil’s geopolitics, to be precise. How has he been implementing this human-driven globalism? Remember — by himself, he already has utter dominance over world affairs. He raises up and brings down kingdoms and rulers, at will.

But what he wants specifically, is a human-driven world conquest…from my understanding of Scripture…and from observing what is happening in the world around us. He, as usual, wants to copycat everything God does: If God has faithful followers who further His kingdom…then so does Lucifer likewise want followers who do his bidding.

One of the best ways I know of and one of the quickest ways (but certainly not the only way) to get folks down the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’ to understanding what the Antichrist cabal is doing to achieve world domination…would be to go to one of my other blogs and view the short 15-minute video which you will find there.

And then, if you want to delve deeper, you can look over the information in these three ‘chapters’ from my e-book “Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing”–

Chapter Three / Chapter FourChapter Five

These will link you to information about important world events in recent history. One event in particular. If you choose to read on into chapters 6,7,8 and 9…those take you very deeply into the culture of these cabalists — how they operate, how they think, how they live…and so forth. Chapter 10 is a review of the “rapture” question. And then chapter 11 and 12 delve ever more deeply into the secret and hidden dimensions of our culture, our government and the entertainment world. Chapters 13 and 14 lay out more indications of “false prophets” infiltrating the church world.

QUESTION: You propose a “post-trib” rapture. What purpose does it serve to be raptured after you have gone though the entirety of this 7 year period? There is nothing left to be rescued from.

No, the “gathering”/rapture described by Jesus does not happen at the very end of the 7 years. It occurs just before the commencing of the Day of the Lord…which begins sometime during the second half of Daniel’s 70th Week, well before the end of those 7 years.

If you look carefully at the Olivet Discourse, Jesus says the “gathering” takes place moments after the appearance of spectacular cosmic signs in the heavens…and He quotes a passage from the Old Testament in the process (Joel 3:14-15). At that point, all God’s people will be removed from earth.

But you will notice in the passage which Jesus quotes…that these cosmic signs ALSO signal a beginningthe beginning of another phase of end times events. The Day of the Lord. A time during which God pours out his wrath on the wicked:

“The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” (Joel 2:31)

Both the time of Great Tribulation and the events of the Day of the Lord…will fit into the second half of the seven years – this 1260 day period. So, sometime during that 1260 day period, God’s people will be gathered…supernaturally transported into the presence of the Lord who has come forth in the clouds. Will it happen 2 years into this period? 2 1/2 years in? 3 years in? As Jesus states in the Discourse, “no one knows the day or the hour”.

Certainly, it would be preferable if the time of tribulation only lasted six months and the remaining three years were the Day of the Lord portion of the 1260 days! By the way, a “prophetic” year in the Bible is 360 days, not 365 days. And each month is 30 days.

If you go to chapter six of the Book of Revelation, you begin to see a beautiful correlation between Jesus’ descriptions of end times in the Olivet Discourse…and the descriptions in Rev.6.

Right down the line, everything referred to with the seven “seals” described in Rev.6…is also referred to in the Olivet Discourse. Even in the same basic sequence:

Both passages describe…wars, rumors of wars, famine, pestilence, widespread death…then both passages refer to widespread persecution and martyrdom…and then finally, both passages describe these aforementioned cosmic signs and the glorious emergence of the Lord.

In the Olivet Discourse, the emergence of the King is viewed as a blessing. In Revelation, Jesus’ return is viewed through the eyes of the wicked who are horrified and beg the mountains to “fall on us” in the aftermath of the sixth seal being broken.

With the breaking of the final two seals (the sixth and seventh), the “scroll” now opens and its contents are unleashed. As we can observe in reading through the Book of Revelation, God’s wrath is now poured out upon the wicked.

God’s people never see any of this: The fireballs from the sky, oceans of blood, those bizarre flying demon-monsters who come forth out of the earth. We’ll be long gone!

To be clear, the times of “tribulation” described in the Olivet discourse refer only to faithful believers. For the rest of the world, the ‘partying’ actually intensifies at the emergence of the New World Order leader, i.e. the Antichrist. The Bible says, that the “whole world immediately followed after the beast” and that his presentation to the world is accompanied by staggeringly huge “signs and wonders”.

From my understanding, there will be unprecedented worldwide celebration and festival to kick off the New Age and the New World Order. And so, while the faithful are huddling in their hiding places or stuck in a prison…the world will be celebrating for the duration of “the Great Tribulation”. But that all ends at the appearance of these cosmic signs and the return of the Lord “in great power and glory”.

When the Lord darkens the sun and moon and causes the stars to fall from the sky, it will be as though He has turned off all the natural light…and then turned on the light of His glory.

QUESTION: You mentioned there was more to know about Disney.

Any Bible student ought to intuitively realize that any major voice or any major effort on the world scene…is a part of the Devil’s grand strategy. You can go to my aforementioned Chapter 11 and if you scroll down about halfway to the paragraph heading The Magic (Occult) Kingdom, I get into the evidence regarding Disney’s huge occult influence in popular culture.

Put on your Christian “thinking cap” and just think about this for a moment: What other individual in modern American history has done MORE to popularize the occult and popularize witchcraft…than Walt Disney?

QUESTION: What can you explain about the “mark of the beast”?

This is another of those subjects I have put a lot of effort into in my e-book. You can go to Chapter 14 and scroll down about halfway to the paragraph heading A Closer Look At The Mark Of The Beast. I have even put it in red letters for emphasis!

QUESTION: Do we have any idea what some of the Antichrist’s “signs and wonders” will be?

Well, the New World Order kicks off with this pseudo-resurrection of the Antichrist (apparently revealed at the time of the Abomination of Desolation)…which is what astonishes the world to begin with. And results in the entire world immediately falling in line to pledge allegiance.

The “great signs” he is able to perform include (but are not limited to…) being able to bring fire down from the skies (Rev.13:13). If you were to choose to get into the whole Red Pill / alternative media Internet researching…there are quite large numbers of insider whistleblowers and other investigative reporters who have been passing along rather astonishing information  about various capabilities and technologies which the elites have tucked away from public view and which they are going to display at the opportune moments. I get into some of those aspects in Chapter 9 of my previously published e-book.

QUESTION: You seem to have not much good to say about Evangelicalism. In your estimation, is there anything good happening in the conservative church world?


More questions/answers to be added in the days to come. If you have any questions or comments, you can email me:




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